Christopher Tack - Assistant


What is the best thing you have learned from working at Industry? quality shampoos

Have you ever committed a felony? no


Cat or dog? dog

Wine or beer? beer

Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate

Miserable rich or happy poor? happy poor

Coffee or tea? coffee

Describe you in one word? caring

Who are you? Chris Tack

What made you become a stylist? I wanted to do something I'd never get bored with.

Where and how to you find your inspiration? I find my inspiration from nature and anything else that catches my eye.

What part of your job are you most passionate about? Making people happy. 

Who is your muse? Lady GaGa

Favorite Bumble and bumble product you can't live without? Prep lotion.

3 words that describe Industry? colorful...

Favorite color? green