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Have you ever committed a felony? Maybe ;) Just kidding!!!

A funny industry story? When i called a client who I thought was running late….when in reality, she slipped by me and was waiting patiently in the color room. Embarrassing!

Cat or dog? Wine or beer? Chocolate or vanilla? Miserable rich or happy poor? pen or pencil? coffee or tea? Both!!!love animals…wine…vanilla…happy poor! money doesn’t buy happiness…pen…coffee.

One word to describe me? motivated.

Cynthia Fuller receptionist


Who are you? Cynthia Fuller.

Favorite Bb product you can’t live without? My favorite Bb product I can’t live without would be the Dry-Spun.

Three words that describe industry? fun, loving and family.

Favorite color? My favorite color is black.

Morning or night? Night, I am not a morning person.

What is the best thing you learned from working at industry? perfected customer service skills.