Who are you? Emily Dominica Whitely

What made you want to become a stylist?  I am artistic and I knew I would be good at it.

Where and how do you find your inspiration? Instagram and by watching my co-workers

What part of hairdressing are you most passionate about and what part do you dislike. most passionate: color! dislike: cutting

Who is your muse? Rupi Kaur and my mom

Favorite Bb product you can't live without? surf blow dry foam spray

Three words to describe industry? busy, chic, creative


Favorite color? green

Morning or night? night

What is the best thing you have learned from working at industry? time management

Have you ever committed a felony? not yet!

A funny industry story?  that time we had a client who eas a college student and didn't know that Mexico is a country...we laughed at her a little

car or dog? dog  wine or beer? wine  chocolate or vanilla? chocolate miserable rich or happy poor? happy poor pen or pencil? pencil coffee or tea? both!

Describe you in one word? colorful

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