Heather Foster - Receptionist


Who are you?  Creative soul who thrives on learning, growing, experiencing.  "Suffering" from a permanent travel bug.  Firm believer of taking one day at a time.

Where and how do you find your inspiration?  I'm inspired by those who have a passion for life.

Who is your muse?  The two who influence my life the most: my fiance and my beautiful mom.

Three words that describe industry?  Positive.  Accommodating. Creative.

Favorite color?  Blue. ( I think I'm colorblind)

Morning or Night?  Night, for sure.

Cat or dog?  wine or beer?  chocolate or vanilla? miserable rich or happy poor?  pen or pencil?  coffee or tea?   dog. wine.  both, together.  miserable rich.  pen.  tea.

Describe you in one word?  Unwritten.