Three words that describe industry? Exclusive, advanced, powerful.

Favorite color? pink.

Morning or night? Never been a morning person, so definitely going with night.

What is the best thing you have learned from working at industry? Being a team player is a must.

Have you ever committed a felony? haha

A funny industry story? I’ll keep you posted. lol

Cat or dog? Wine or beer? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee or tea?…pen or pencil? dog wine….chocolate…coffee…pen.

One word to describe you? persistent.

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Kristen mojica-assistant


Who are you? I am a highly enthusiastic, creative, driven cosmetologist with a passion for excellence.

What made you want to be a stylist? I am completely in love with the beauty industry. Building life long bonds by make clients look and feel good.

Where and how to you find your inspiration? Alise is and will forever be my inspiration.

Who is your muse? In my case it’s not who but rather what. The future is my muse.

Favorite Bb product you can live with out? Definitely has to be The Bb Repair (blow dry)

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