Matthew Michalenko - Stylist

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Who are you? son, husband, father, student, mentor, leader, friend, enemy...


What made you want to become a stylist?wanting something creative while always being able to be myself

Where and how do you find your inspiration?  everywhere--usually from teens, young adults...i find these groups to be the most fashionable ...first to be in tuned with the newest trends in hair, make-up and clothes.

What part of hairdressing are you most passionate about and what part do you dislike? - I view hairdressing much like an artist views a canvas is my scissors my brushes...and hair color my paint.  My passion is similar to that of an artist: the magic of creating beauty.

If I have to choose what I dislike, I would have to say any kind of negative energy and perms....and this is not about hairdressing, but I really dislike mushrooms.

Who is your muse? professionally-Michael Gordon founder of Bb and Vidal Sasoon / personally - my husband, partner, the love of my life: Brian Bojarski.

Favorite Bb product you can't live without? grooming cream

Three words that describe industry?  trendy, leaders, Bumble

Favorite color? green


Morning or night?  night

What is the best thing you learned from working at industry? if you build it. they will come


Have you ever committed a felony? not in the last few hours.

A funny industry story? being sued for sexual harassment

cat or dog? both

wine or beer? wine

  chocolate or vanilla? vanilla 

miserable rich or happy poor? miserable rich

pen or pencil? papermate only   

coffee or tea? tea

Describe you in one word? inchoate